The Tactical Assault: Combat Cards™ are a fun and innovative way to fight combined arms battles on the tabletop battlefield. The Combat Cards are designed to bring all of the detailed elements of land warfare – including the fog of war – to the tabletop in a narrative card-driven format that is easy to play yet full of challenges. To be successful you must be creative in your strategies, flexible in your tactics and attentive to the ever changing battlefield.

The key to the Combat Cards is the way in which they simulate every commander’s struggle with maximizing the use of their available assets in the face of the multitude of hazards, delays and other challenges on the battlefield. The Combat Cards integrate all of this in a fast and easy to use system that challenges players to balance the need for careful planning with a willingness to take risks and seize upon sudden opportunities.

The Combat Cards can be utilized for just about any modern historical period, starting with the 20th century, as well as any science fiction setting. They can be used with any scale of miniatures, any sized battlefield and for any size of battle – ranging from the smallest skirmish action all the way up to massive operational level maneuvers.

Archive of all ‘Tips & Tricks…’ Articles

Tips & Tricks… Elevated Terrain

Monday, June 4th, 2012

When using elevated terrain in your battles it is usually necessary to mark each level of elevation (e.g. Low, Medium, High, etc.) so lines of sight, defensive benefits, etc. can be determined.

This is easy enough if your terrain is obvious like stepped hills (i.e. wedding cake style) or stark like buildings or rocky spires.

In those situations where the terrain is more gradually sloping, and thus lacks clear delineation, it can be somewhat challenging to determine where one elevation starts and another ends. (more…)

Tips & Tricks… Clearing Your Hand

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Sometimes during a battle players may find themselves stuck with a few cards in their hand that they really can’t use. It might be because they don’t have a particular unit in their force that could use the card, or it might be due to the fact that the unit that can use the card is currently Shaken or Out of Action on the battlefield.

Either way, it becomes necessary to get the useless cards out of your hand and reload with some cards you can use right now. Below are a few tips and tricks for being able to effectively clear out your hand without sacrificing too much of the initiative to your opponent. (more…)

Tips & Tricks… Faster Battles

Friday, December 16th, 2011

In the base rules for both the Combat Cards and the Fantasy Cards, distances are given in terms of relative categories (e.g. short, medium, etc.) rather than actual measured quantities (e.g. inches, centimeters, etc.). This allows battles to be scaled proportionally to the battlefield being used without affecting the rules or tempo of the game. This means almost any scale of miniatures can be used on almost any size battlefield.

Sometimes though, folks want to fight out their battles at a little bit faster pace. Maybe they don’t have a lot of time and they want get into the action as quick as possible. Maybe they are teaching a new player the game and fear a slow moving battle might not capture the new player’s imagination – or spark their interest in playing again. Or maybe, due to the specifics of a particular scenario, the battle would end up being a plodding move through terrain by slower units rather than the exciting attack it should be. (more…)