How Do I Buy One Of Your Products?

Buying our products is simple and easy as all of our products are available as PDF downloads. Just go to our online store, order the products you want, select you method of payment and then begin downloading.

Can I Get An Pre-Printed Version Of Your Items?

At this time our products are only available via download. At sometime in the future we may offer them in a pre-printed format as well.

What If I Have A Problem With My Download?

You should send an e-mail to Support@TacticalAssaultGames.com and they will get you squared away.

The Product Is In Full Color, Will It Work If I Print It In Only Black And White?

Yes, you can print them in black and white. Before we release them, we test all of our products for their clarity in both color and black and white. If you do have trouble reading the cards in black and white, try setting your printer to the highest resolution (600 dpi+ and/or “Photo” setting) and see if that helps. Any lingering problems could also be a function of the medium you are printing on (e.g. card stock, paper, etc.), so you may have to experiment with those a bit to find the right combination for your printer. As an alternative, almost any quick print shop (e.g. OfficeMax, Kinkos, etc.) can usually print the cards in full color on excellent card stock at a very reasonable price.

I Printed My Cards And Cut Them Out, But They Seem Smaller Than A Regular Playing Card. Why?

When they were printed, the page scaling function on the printer or in Adobe Reader was probably set to something other than “None”. Check all of the settings to make sure there is no scaling, and then print them again – the cards should be the correct size this time.

What Other Products Will You Be Releasing?

Ah, we can’t quite let the genie out of the bottle before we are ready, can we? We do have several projects in the works for future releases, of which sneak peeks will inevitably leak out, but we prefer not to talk too much about them until they are closer to completion. If you have an idea for a product you would like to see us do though, feel free to contact us through the Contact page of the website with your suggestion.

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