The Tactical Assault: Combat Cards™ are a fun and innovative way to fight combined arms battles on the tabletop battlefield. The Combat Cards are designed to bring all of the detailed elements of land warfare – including the fog of war – to the tabletop in a narrative card-driven format that is easy to play yet full of challenges. To be successful you must be creative in your strategies, flexible in your tactics and attentive to the ever changing battlefield.

The key to the Combat Cards is the way in which they simulate every commander’s struggle with maximizing the use of their available assets in the face of the multitude of hazards, delays and other challenges on the battlefield. The Combat Cards integrate all of this in a fast and easy to use system that challenges players to balance the need for careful planning with a willingness to take risks and seize upon sudden opportunities.

The Combat Cards can be utilized for just about any modern historical period, starting with the 20th century, as well as any science fiction setting. They can be used with any scale of miniatures, any sized battlefield and for any size of battle – ranging from the smallest skirmish action all the way up to massive operational level maneuvers.


Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Our friend Mac Walker has posted another great visual Combat Cards battle report in his blog, which you can check out here:

Mac’s Blog

For this battle Mac has also incorporated the Technology Cards as well as an “area” movement method somewhat similar to the Legendary Battles rules.  These, along with the fascinating “historical” periods he taps for his scenarios, make his battles all very interesting.

Thanks for sharing Mac!

Info… Special Deals

Monday, February 25th, 2013

We just wanted to let folks know about a couple of special deals we are now offering in our online store…


First, there are two new Starter Set bundles available for folks looking to dive in and start playing. One includes the core Combat Cards and the three Technology Cards expansion sets designed for the Combat Cards, while the other includes the core Fantasy Cards, the two Enchantment Cards expansions and the Technology Cards set geared for the Fantasy Cards. Each set comes with all four downloads conveniently together at a reduced price.


Second, for those folks who have cautiously stepped into playing with either the Combat Cards or the Fantasy Cards and now want to add more to their battles by picking up a bunch of expansions, we offer a volume discount. Purchase any 2 or more items in our online store and receive a 40% discount on all ancillary products for the Combat Cards or Fantasy Cards  in your order (e.g. Expansion Sets, Scenario Packs, Legendary Battles Packs, etc.).

More information on these deals are available on the Special Deals page of the website…

Updated: 01 Mar 13

Info… Bigger Tokens

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

We have received a lot of positive feedback from folks about our new snazzier token designs, however the rather small size of each token and the fiddly nature of using them on the battlefield have apparently been causing folks a few issues (it appears that there have been more than a few instances of status tokens being lost in the terrain and players not realizing it…).

So, in response, we have just posted a new set of larger tokens in the Free Downloads page for both the Combat Cards and the Fantasy Cards. The tokens are identical to their smaller cousins, except bigger (about an inch across now). This should help make it easier to keep track of them on the battlefield without making them too visually obtrusive or aesthetically annoying. (more…)